Surf is up POOCH style!

As you can see by this picture, I tried to teach one of my pups to surf, without much success!! They are nothing like Buddy, a 15 lbs Jack Russell terrier who has been surfing for 10 of his 12 years alongside owner Bruce Hooker, 53, from California!!! Buddy usually hits the waves three times a... Continue Reading →


Sad news out of Montreal today -- a couple are in critical condition after being struck by lightining last night... They were trying to watch the firework display from La Ronde when a storm brewed.. so they took their folding chairs and went to sit under a tree with their umbrellas... not very smart of... Continue Reading →

If only my belly button was 3cm higher…

... I'd be an amazing runner!!   Scientists are now saying that your belly button reveals clues about your athletic ability!!    Apparently, the navel position is the reason black people tend to dominate on the race track, while white people tend to excel in the swimming pool. The only reason??   Let's quote the scientists: "Individuals of... Continue Reading →

Ottawa Delicacy!

I love moving to new cities and discovering new delicacies! The extra 20lbs I am carrying around is definitely the fault of perogies!!! My 7 month stint in Winnipeg was definitely not a healthy one!!! Coming from Quebec and having lived in China, perogies were my two favotire things in one: Poutine inside a dumpling!!!... Continue Reading →

Adam Levine gets pummelled!

HOLY!!! In the video for Maroon 5′s new single “Misery,”  (you can hear it on my blog--look through my earlier dates) frontman Adam Levine gets dropped from the sky; hit by a car (repeatedly); beaten soundly in a bathroom stall; thrown through a plate-glass window; hurled from a great height; and shot at with a... Continue Reading →

Jacko Spent Thousand Trying to Make Bubbles Talk…

Micheal Jackson apparently spent thousands of dollars trying to get throat specialists to make his chimp Bubbles speak!!! It's said that MJ pestered surgeons for 4 years for advice on how he could achieve his dream of having a conversation with his monkey friend and constant companion during the mid-80s (often sharing his bed & even going on 1987's... Continue Reading →

Toilets into Restaurants?! Really?

What do you think about this one: Some Boston officials say they want to convert two former public toilet facilities into upscale outdoor eating establishments. I am not kidding one little bit!! The aging gothic-style "Pink Palace" at Boston Commons and a grungy closed-up restroom called the Duck House in the Back Bay Fens neighborhood... Continue Reading →

Paul’s Predictions are In!

The world has come to love Paul the psychic octopus! Can you believe that he has predicted RIGHT every single match Germany has played in the World Cup!?   If you didn't hear about this amazing octopus yet, here is what you need to know. Paul lives in a tank at a Sea Life Centre... Continue Reading →

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