Did we really need a sandwich in a can?!

Oh God! What has our world come to when one of the easiest, simplest, quickest thing to make and eat in now available in a can! No kidding here–this is an actual product–say welcome to the Candwich; a sandwich in a can!!!

Actually, they describe it as a new an innovative sandwich PRODUCT in a can for grab-and-go convenience! “Perfect for people on the go such as students, construction workers, soccer moms and outdoor enthusiasts”! Really?

I guess it eliminates the chances of your sandwich getting squished in your lunch bag… but I just can’t imagine eating (or should I say drinking?) my PB&J out of a can… that’s just wrong…

God–they even have a BBQ chicken flavour! No refrigeration needed either….

I can hear men thinking it as I type: “now all the best things in life come in a can… peanuts, beer and sandwiches!” haha

Kim 😉

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