Ottawa Delicacy!

I love moving to new cities and discovering new delicacies! The extra 20lbs I am carrying around is definitely the fault of perogies!!! My 7 month stint in Winnipeg was definitely not a healthy one!!! Coming from Quebec and having lived in China, perogies were my two favotire things in one: Poutine inside a dumpling!!! YUMMY!!

Well, now I think I have discovered what I am soon to be addicted to in Ottawa! Someone at Bluesfest this week did the mistake of introducing me to Jamie’s Cracked Corn!! WOW!!! Now, I am not a fan of caramel popcorn, but this is totally different… sweet yet salty and sooo fluffy!!! Pure deliciousness!! So good I had to take a picture with the guy selling it!

Help me feed my addiction: Can anyone tell me WHERE I CAN BUY JAMIE’S CRACKED CORN outide the bluesfest??

Kim 😉

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  1. You are in luck as Jamie’s Cracked Corn will be at the Ottawa Superex in Aug. It starts on the 19th and ends on the 29th.
    Hope to see you there.

  2. There is a Ukrainian Perogie store in Ottawa.
    Home made perogies, cabbage rolls, borsht and more..
    1129 Baxter rd. (613) 321-0734
    You are very welcome to our store!

    Btw we are in love with that popcorn as well, we also work at the Super-Ex so we often treat ourselves with “Jamie`s Cracked Corn” ! 🙂

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