Jacko Spent Thousand Trying to Make Bubbles Talk…

Micheal Jackson apparently spent thousands of dollars trying to get throat specialists to make his chimp Bubbles speak!!!

It’s said that MJ pestered surgeons for 4 years for advice on how he could achieve his dream of having a conversation with his monkey friend and constant companion during the mid-80s (often sharing his bed & even going on 1987’s Bad World tour).

His sister La Toya told a British tabloid: “Michael was always wanting to know how to make Bubbles speak and talk. They definitely communicated. One morning Michael called me and said ‘You have got to see this – he mimics everything I do.’ “He wanted to give him vocal chords and asked doctors ‘Can I given him an operation so I know what his thoughts are’.”

But the plan was dashed because surgeons said Bubbles might not survive the surgery.

Michael had to give Bubble (now 26 years old) to a monkey sanctuary in 1988 because he had become too big.

Ahhhh if only technology had come that far! I’d love to know what Bubbles has to say now!

Kim 😉

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