How the hell do you fold fitted sheets?!

Billy’s facebook status: “How the hell do you fold a fitted sheet?!”

What ensued? 31 of the most hilarious comments I have read to date on Facebook! Guys telling him to get a wife, girls telling him to call his mom, both genders telling him to roll it, bundle it, throw it in a corner or cocoon himself in it while nice and hot out of the dryer… the overwhelming trend though was that not many people knew how!!

One helpful comment: “Put one corner over your hand like a hat then put all the other corners one at a time over that corner.” To which someone responded that aligning the corners of a fitted sheet could be as “sinple” as aligning the planets!! haha

So to all you new mom’s, recent wifes, mothers of teenage sons — here is a video HOW TO FOLD FITTED SHEETS… pass it to them before they have to resort to Facebook like poor Billy!!

No more excuses for unruly, unfolded fitted sheets!

Kim 😉

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