Sad news out of Montreal today — a couple are in critical condition after being struck by lightining last night… They were trying to watch the firework display from La Ronde when a storm brewed.. so they took their folding chairs and went to sit under a tree with their umbrellas… not very smart of them as when lightning stuck the tree, it was immediatly attracted to them…

This made me think of a segment I saw on The Daily Planet that said MEN ARE 4 TIMES MORE LIKELY OF BEING HIT BY LIGHTNING THAN WOMEN!! Why??

A couple reasons could explain the phenomenon:

1) Men are statistically taller than women, therefore are at risk from the fact that lightning will look for the easiest path to earth, aka the highest object.

2) Men have a longer stride statistically than women. This presents them as a higher risk due to the phenomenon of “step potential”. (what is that?? Does it mean men cover more ground than women so can be hit easier?)

3) Men may spend more time outside.

4) Men may have more iron in their bloodstream compared to women who lose their iron during menstruation every month. (Ya–I don’t really believe this one)
5) Men are less likely to act in a safe manner & are less likely to take precautions. Going outside during storms, continuing to work with conductive materials despite a storm, taking more risk outside while a storm is brewing… Basically, they are less patient, so therefore will not wait out the storm!
Ahhhhh men!!! I’m sure it was that poor lady’s husband’s idea to go sit under that tree…
Kim 😉

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