Toilets into Restaurants?! Really?

What do you think about this one: Some Boston officials say they want to convert two former public toilet facilities into upscale outdoor eating establishments.

I am not kidding one little bit!!

The aging gothic-style “Pink Palace” at Boston Commons and a grungy closed-up restroom called the Duck House in the Back Bay Fens neighborhood of Boston are being considered to become the location of two upscale eateries…  Apparently, the two facilities haven’t been toilets for ages, so it wouldn’t be yucky to turn them in to eateries…

I don’t know — I guess the concept would be a real conversation piece and would attract tourist looking for a cool story to bring back home, but there’s still something not too clean about it all!!!

Would you eat there?

Wait a minute… would there be two sides to the restaurant — men and women? Ayayaille.. lol

Kim 😉

2 thoughts on “Toilets into Restaurants?! Really?

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  1. I would not eat there if they paid me. No matter how much bleach and how much they scrubbed those things, all I can says is: Ew!!

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