Dirty Dancing Demos!

Dirty Dancing spawned huge hits from its soundtrack and who isn't a diehard fan of the '80s flick & Patrick Swayze getting down and dirty and bumping and grinding with a pre-nose job Jennifer Grey!?   Well, the film/soundtrack will get a bit of a boost this fall as the writers of the songs "(I've Had) The... Continue Reading →

Horn-Free Bull Run!

Looks like the vuvuzela contraversy of the World Cup has spread all the way from South Africa to Spain!! The mayor of Pamplona, Spain, banned the noisy african trumpet for the opening of the famous San Fermin running of the bulls. Despite the ban, thousands packed Pamplona's streets yesterday, most dressed in the traditional outfit... Continue Reading →

Tourists vs Locals

With the Canada Day Frenzy that will be taking over the city this week, I have to say that these New Yorkers had the best idea ever! Earlier this month, a group called Improv Everywhere drew a line down the sidewalk on New York's very busy Fifth Avenue, separating it into lanes marked "New Yorkers" and "Tourists."

Cute Proposal!

It seems that with the era of technology that allows us to record anything, anywhere and then post it to Facebook and Youtube, among other social networks -- some people are bringing proposals and weddings to a whole new level of originality!

Maroon 5’s New Single!

Maroon 5 released their first single off their upcoming album this week! The new single, "Misery", will be the lead track from their third album called Hands All Over, due out on September 21st.

What were your goals at 13?

What were your goals at 13?? I wanted to be a doctor, but that was long term... Short term? Mmmm Kiss that cute Benjamin, who to this day I still have a crush on... maybe coax my mom into buying me those cool kicker shoes and if I really stretch my 13-year-old-goal-oriented-mind of the time,... Continue Reading →

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