If only my belly button was 3cm higher…

… I’d be an amazing runner!!
Scientists are now saying that your belly button reveals clues about your athletic ability!! 
Apparently, the navel position is the reason black people tend to dominate on the race track, while white people tend to excel in the swimming pool. The only reason??
Let’s quote the scientists: “Individuals of West African-origin have longer legs than European-origin athletes, which means their belly buttons are three centimeters higher than whites. So this “hidden height,” gives black athletes a significant speed advantage on the track”.
Why on the track? Well, I just discovered this: running is basically falling forward continually & mass that falls from a greater height falls faster.
Why are white better at swimming then? Well, lower navels mean longer torsos & a longer torso makes a bigger wave in the water. Since swimming is basically surfing the wave the swimmer creates, whites have a 1.5 speed avantage!!
I feel so much smarter now!! Plus, I finally know why I am a bad runner! I thought I was just lazy! Ohhhh belly button, you!
Kim 😉

3 thoughts on “If only my belly button was 3cm higher…

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    1. I’m black, don’t have an outy, I run track faster than my white friends, I swim also faster than white friends, proved wrong!

      1. Haha There are always exceptions!! I just share the research, don’t make it up!! You must have been great at sports!

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