An App to Avoid People!! WOW!!

logoSounds kinda anti-social, no?! I guess there is always someone you are looking to avoid… that ex, or the dude you owe money to… your mother-in-law!!

iphonefirstSplit, free for iOS and Android devices, is an app where users log on to Facebook and select people from their social network they do not want to meet. The app sends an alert when they are nearby and shows a route on a map to avoid them!! How hilarious (and somewhat practical) is that!?

Funny enough, Split isn’t the first app of its kind!

There is also the Cloak app for iOS, which works with Foursquare or Instagram, sending a notification if the person comes from within half a block to a couple kms away.

cloak-headerSplit and Cloak gather location data from social network updates and check-ins. Photo-sharing network Instagram includes location data whenever a photo is uploaded. Both apps gather data from Foursquare and Instagram, and Split gets additional data from Facebook and Twitter. Sounds scary all this sharing of date, but it can get you out of a sticky situation!!

I guess so much of our lives have become public… it’s only natural to want to break from that!

Would you use an app like this?!

Kim 😉

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