An App to Avoid People!! WOW!!

Sounds kinda anti-social, no?! I guess there is always someone you are looking to avoid... that ex, or the dude you owe money to... your mother-in-law!! Split, free for iOS and Android devices, is an app where users log on to Facebook and select people from their social network they do not want to meet.... Continue Reading →

Bootcamp Kim?! Mmmmm

I have a long bucket list... #4 on the list is to 'Participate in a marathon or triathlon'. The problem is that I CANNOT run! I am such a bad runner... no endurance! April 27th, I have signed up for a 5K, 10K or 21K... before deciding which 'K' I will be doing, I gotta... Continue Reading →

A Video All Women Should See

It is rare that I put up videos or messages that I find to be "preachy", but this one is one that must be watched by all women. If you are an atheist or do not believe in this God or Satan, just mentally skip over those words... it is worth listening until the end!... Continue Reading →

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