Surf with me!

OMG! I'd love for this to happen to me! I'd totally freak out at first, but this baby seal is so friendly! How adorable! Wanting to play, this seal pup decided to join in the fun by hopping right onto the boards of two surfers off the coast of northern England! The seal played with... Continue Reading →

You’ll CRAVE it!

A necklace that dubs as what?!?! YES PLEASE!! **cough cough [compose yourself Kim]  I mean, it sounds really interesting... worth trying... just to see if it works!  **wink wink Ladies, let me introduce you to the droplet necklace by crave -- a necklace that dubs as a nipple vibrator! It's sexy, it's totally wearable &... Continue Reading →

Wow! THIS could change everything!

As our consuming world realises that billions of water bottles pollute the planet, we are finding tons of creative ways to recycle water bottles (lining of purses, subway fare in Beijing,...). Well, recycling all those water bottles might soon not be a problem as London-based students could change the way we consume bottled water. Together, they've created... Continue Reading →

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