Oh politics — you make me laugh!

It looks like it is not just Quebecers who are going to through the craziness of a political campaign, but it seems like Torontonians are having a lot more fun with it!

A series of head-turning, hilarious, parody signs popped up downtown, all featuring fictional mayoral candidates who have quite the electoral promises! 

“The current mayor threatens to kill people and gets publicly drunk. If elected, I promise I will just get publicly drunk. Vote Ray Faranzi,” one sign says… the 2 others are pictured here… What do you think?


Gotta love it! I’d vote for them!

It’s not surprising that the campaign is the latest brainchild of No Ford Nation, a non-profit group that wants to unseat Mayor Rob Ford.

I can only imagine the ones’ Quebecers could come up with for candidates here!

Kim 😉

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