Kleenex please… BEST.PRANK.EVER. #PrankItFwd

I always love April 2nd because you get to browse the net in search of that year’s best April Fools pranks. There were quite a few good ones, but this is the ultimate prank… and you might just need a box of kleenex by the end of it!

First, a few honorable mention (click on the words in blue to see respective videos): WESTJET is always a top contender, this year joking about converting to ‘metric time’. What?! Would you wear perfume created by CHEETOS or buy a 42-inch tablet, the sLablet?! I think not! Simon Fraser University fooled quite a few with their new “satellite” campus in space and FIDO with their decision to switch up their mascot! Good jobs 🙂

HOWEVER, this is by far my favorite! BREAK.com has come up with the concept of #PrankItFwd — pranking it forward! Surprising an unsuspecting, well deserving person with the best day of their life! Plus, when you share this prank, it raises money for charity! I love it!

Watch… and keep the Kleenexes close!

Don’t you just love it?! Prank it forward peeps!

Kim 😉

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