Bootcamp Kim?! Mmmmm

I have a long bucket list… #4 on the list is to ‘Participate in a marathon or triathlon’. The problem is that I CANNOT run! I am such a bad runner… no endurance! April 27th, I have signed up for a 5K, 10K or 21K… before deciding which ‘K’ I will be doing, I gotta get into shape!

Stephanie Presta, a sales rep at work, dragged me to bootcamp to get my butt into shape! How did I fare?! Boy oh boy…

It’s going to be tough!!! Thanks to I think I might make it!

Kim 😉

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  1. I wasn’t a runner! I successfully trained 5k and 10k and completed my personal goal successfully. And am hoping to tun my 1st ever rave come spring. I highly recommend you train on a similar schedule as the C25k & C210k (couch to 5/10k) training by app. It’s an 8wk program for the 5k if you run 3x/wk and a 14wk program for the 10k (also 3x/wk).
    I’d have to say a 1/2 marathon is probably not doable with the amount of training time you have, although anything is possible. Just remember that even te endurance level between a 5k and 10k is a huge difference! Do imagine having to go another 11k!!! That’s over 2hrs of running btw! Lol. Most importantly listen to your body. If you’re sore/tired….sometimes te body needs a small break to recuperate.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope you complete the race successfully

    1. Thanks!! I am looking forward to just getting my endurance higher! I was a rower and figure skater, not a runner! It will be interesting! I will look into those apps!

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