Tourists vs Locals

 With the Canada Day frenzy that will be taking over the city this week, I have to say that these New Yorkers had the best idea ever! Earlier this month, a group called Improv Everywhere drew a line down the sidewalk on New York’s very busy Fifth Avenue, separating it into lanes marked “New Yorkers” and “Tourists.”

The idea was designed to keep picture-taking tourists out of the way of busy locals! Department of Transportation “employees” were on hand to enforce the new rules and ask pedestrians for their feedback on the initiative. Some New Yorkers said they were happy with the idea–not having to walk around tourists.

 Check it out:

It’s so annoying when you know where you want to go and you are stuck behind map looking or picture taking people who can’t seem to walk in a straight line! I think we should enforce it here for Canada Day!!
Kim 😉

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