What were your goals at 13?

What were your goals at 13??

I wanted to be a doctor, but that was long term… Short term? Mmmm Kiss that cute Benjamin, who to this day I still have a crush on… maybe coax my mom into buying me those cool kicker shoes and if I really stretch my 13-year-old-goal-oriented-mind of the time, maybe I was hoping for a gold medal in one of my figure skating competions!! I was nowhere as ambitious as Jordan Romero–a 13 year old American kid now famous for being the youngest to conquer Mount everest! How crazy is that!

It happened last week and Jordan is literally on top of the world with happiness! Three years younger than the previous record holder, Jordan says that this was actually NOT his ultimate goal. Can you believe that!? He wants to be the youngest to conquer the tallest peaks on all 7 continents!

Unacheivable you say? Well, He now has only the Vinson Massif in Antarctica to climb!!

Kim 😉

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