Priced to sell… SOLD!

So not only did I see 2 garage sales on my way to work this morning, but everyone in the city is talking about the 25th anniversary of the Great Glebe Garage Sale going down today, 9-3, rain or shine!!! So much so that I stopped at a cash machine to be ready for it! The goal of the day for you sellers is to make sure you end up with as little items as possible that you have to store back into the house until your next garage sale… to help you with that, here are a couple of pricing tricks from the Wallstreet Journal:

1) Make sure the first number in your sale price is as little as possible; so instead of writing 20$, which we tend to do in order to round up the price–write 19.99$. Reseach found that our brain is wired to subcounciously be attracted by that lower first number, even if it is just a penny difference!! Apparently, item priced as such will sell twice as fast!

2) Try to make the last three digits in the price identical; If you’re selling your old lawnmower, price it at 125.55$. Why? Well, for some reason, our brain finds this much more appealing and it makes the price easier to remember. That way, your price will stay stuck in the buyer’s head if they chose to go see what your neighbor has before buying from you!!

There you go! Happry pricing and happy shopping! See you there!

Kim 😉

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