THIS is why you DON’T bite your nails!


Ok ok… it’s just one case, but it CAN happen and that is enough to scare the bejeezus out of me!

Nail biting is such a bad habit & now you can officially say that it’s one that kills!


UK man John Gardener bit his nails until they were so short that they bled. What happened after so sad… The nails turned septic, the infection reached his heart and after two weeks of hospital treatment, he died of a resulting heart attack…

John had just turned 40 years old days before… His bad habit stemmed from anxiety and depression that intensified in the years leading up to his death — had gotten so bad that he had lost almost all of the feeling in his fingertips.

So, for all of you nail biters, it may be time to really work on giving up this habit!

Kim 😉

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