SEXERCISE… I hope they don’t teach this in high school…

Ayayaille! Can music be good without being ‘tied up’ in sexual connotations?! I sure think so… and that’s probably why I am a tad sad that Kylie Minogue’s new single had to be smothered in sex…

Don’t get me wrong! That voice, that body — Kylie sure has it! HOWEVER, I would take Olivia Newton-John’s “Let’s get physical”s music video over Kylie’s latest for ‘Sexercise’… To be honest, I am kinda scared that this is what High School Phys Ed will turn into!!

Here you have it — WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Am I being too critical?!

Kim 😉

2 thoughts on “SEXERCISE… I hope they don’t teach this in high school…

Add yours

  1. That’s it…after Rihanna and Shakira, this….I don’t see the purpose!!! Is it really necessary to expose our youth to this type of soft porn all the time?! What about the “Smooth criminal” and other music oriented clips we had?!?! Mayne I’m too old for this, but I know for sure that my 10 year old is definitely too young for this… Sorry, It’s 2 thumbs wayyyyy down for me

  2. UMMM Kylie has always been a bit edgy in that sense and the song is called “SEXercise” … what did everyone expect?

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