Paul the Octopus vs Mani the Parrot

With the FIFA World Cup final upon us, millions are now curiously waiting for the Spain Vs Holland match. Not necessarily to find out who will walk away with the World Cup title, but more to see who will be right — Mani the Parrot and Paul the Octopus!!!

International fame Psychic Octopus Paul predicted Spain as the winner (see yesterday’s blog for video), meanwhile Singapore and South Asia famous Mani the Parrot predicted Netherlands as the topper.

Here’s Mani in action:

My bets are on Paul… so far, he has been 7 in 7 with his predictions and poor parakeet Mani is making it’s debut attempt on this newly found venture. It’s all about numbers people! In Paul’s case, taking into account the possibilities of draws in the group games, the chance of getting 7/7 is 0.23% (1 in 432) — Paul’s the man!!! Or I should say PAUL’S THE OCTOPUS! hahaha

Kim 😉

2 thoughts on “Paul the Octopus vs Mani the Parrot

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  1. Paul was right again!! And Madrid is STILL partying at this hour!!

    Sadly, Paul will die before Euro 2012….

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