Paul the Octopus vs Mani the Parrot

With the FIFA World Cup final upon us, millions are now curiously waiting for the Spain Vs Holland match. Not necessarily to find out who will walk away with the World Cup title, but more to see who will be right -- Mani the Parrot and Paul the Octopus!!!   International fame Psychic Octopus Paul predicted Spain as... Continue Reading →

“Hey, Soul Sister” Lip Dub!

"When people hear 'Hey, Soul Sister,' I think they're instantly happy," Train singer Pat Monahan once said.   Well, it shows on the 900 faces of the folks at University of Victoria who came together to create a stellar and happy-go-lucky lip dub music video for Train's latest hit. Directed by Dani Feixas and Santi Hausmann of the... Continue Reading →

Bryan Adams = Fashion Photographer!

In case you did not know Bryan Adams has a side career as a fashion magazine photographer & has photographed the likes of Maggie Gyllenhall, Billy Idol, Lindsay Lohen, Renee Zellweger, Mick Jagger, Cindy Crawford, Michael J Fox and so many more! His latest creation is this stunning shot of Lily Cole for the summer issue of... Continue Reading →

Time After Time!

I have to say, Time After Time is one of my ultimate favorite songs! I know... I know... cheeeeesy.... but I can't help turning up the volume when Cyndi Lauper comes on!   Have you heard the latest version we play with Cyndi and Sarah McLachlan? It's just priceless! If you ever attended Lilith Fair,... Continue Reading →

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