Haunted Walking Tour of Ottawa

A friend of mine from Vancouver is in town for a conference and last night, her group decided to join a haunted walking tour. They invited me along and I must say — I truly enjoyed myself!
What better way is there to get to know one’s city than by walking around it while learning cool facts about it?! Cool haunted facts in this case! Even better! 
Our tour guide, Marie-Pierre, greeted us at the corner of Elgin and Sparks wearing a dark cape and holding on to a candle lit lantern. She started the tour by telling us how that whole area was actually built on a cemetary! Now that starts a haunted tour right!
She then lead us through the neighbourhood, telling us about ghost encounters at Chateau Laurier and in a near by High School, hauntings to have occured as recently as in 2000 and why the fountain at Confederation Park MIGHT be haunted!
I won’t give too much away! I had never done a walking tour of the sorts in my own country and I gotta say, it’s fun to discover “home” through tourists’ eyes!
The scariest thing is that when I looked at my pictures this morning, my guide actually looks haunted/possesed in many of the shots…. eerie!
Kim 😉

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