Baby Gaga Alternatives

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about Baby Gaga ice cream (made from real breast milk) and how the makers were issued with legal papers threatening to sue for using the name Gaga. Well, the creators of the ice cream have responded to Lady Gaga’s lawyers with some rebranding suggestions that are more than a... Continue Reading →

New One Republic

I've never been a crazy fan of music videos -- you now, those who actually watch MuchMusic just for that. I've always love Pop-Up Videos 'cause I learned cool stuff while watching, but ya... I am not one who will be all excited to see the new music video for such & such song (I... Continue Reading →

Before she was Gaga…

... she was a Sopranos extra!!!   Lady Gaga's appearance on a 2001 episode of "The Sopranos" (season 3 ep. 9) has surfaced online, showing the world a 15-year-old Stefani Germanotta who didn't have to do much more than laugh!   In her cameo role, Gaga and her gal-pals are trying to look sexy in cropped sweaters,... Continue Reading →

Daddy Compilation!

Do you need a soundtrack to your Fathers' day? Not only can this be a very cute gift, but it could be entertaining for this special day years to come; a CD of songs about dads!

Gaga’s New Tattoo!

"Look what I did last night. Little monsters forever, on the arm that holds my mic. xx" That is what Lady Gaga had to say about her new tattoo honoring her fans, a.k.a little monsters! Check it out: Awwwwww! lol Sulli 😉

Grammys in a nut shell!

Some of the biggest names in music came out last night (Sunday, Jan31) for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards. The ladies ruled the evening -- with Beyonce and Taylor Swift both taking home top honors! Beyonce led the pack with 10 nods & ended up making history for the most wins by a female artist... Continue Reading →

10 Most Shocking Grammy Moments!!

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards are airing tomorrow (Sunday Jan 31) on CBS as of 7pm CT and, seriously, you do not want to miss out! Not only is Green Day going to perform with the whole ensemble of it's Broadway musical American Idiot , but Lady Gaga is rumoured to be performing with Elton... Continue Reading →

Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper…

... strike a pose! The ladies can be seen together in a new ad for MAC Makeup! I guess Gaga could be compared to a millenium version of Cyndi -- girls who just want to have fun! The bleached blonde singers are the new faces of MAC's Viva Glam Spring 2010 range, which is set... Continue Reading →

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