I have to admit… Lady Gaga — WOW!

I’ve enjoyed her music and she is definetely someone that gives me plenty to say on my radio show but I always thought she was a bit much and tried to provoke too much. HOWEVER, the Lady Gaga I saw in this video is definitely a person I admire! Actually, I think we might have seen a bit more of Stefani and a little less of Gaga here… but she is winning me over a bit!
Thursday, as she performed in Toronto, Lady Gaga brought on stage Winnipeg’s YouTube sensation Maria Aragon to duet with on Born This Way. Watch it (the girl recording sings at first and drowns Maria but continue listening to hear her super voice!):
Thumbs up first off to Maria–a packed Toronto arena and she was as cool as a cucumber! What a superstar! Secondly, thumbs up to Lady Gaga for showing us how role models can influence us and how one self-less moment can be a turning point in a child’s life!
I admire Lady Gaga after watching this. I was scared it would be for publicity, but she REALLY was touched by this little monster. Good on her!
Kim 😉

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