10 Most Shocking Grammy Moments!!

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards are airing tomorrow (Sunday Jan 31) on CBS as of 7pm CT and, seriously, you do not want to miss out!

Not only is Green Day going to perform with the whole ensemble of it’s Broadway musical American Idiot , but Lady Gaga is rumoured to be performing with Elton John and we all know that Kanye West will most likely be there!! That in itself is a reason to watch!! haha

In honour of Music’s Biggest Night check out THIS LIST of the 10 most shocking Grammy moments! Can you believe that Kanye didn’t even make the list?? Imagine how shocking the others are!! What’s cool is that not only does THIS SITE explains the shock value of the moment, but you can also watch all 10 moments right there and then!!

Hilarious! Enjoy!
Sulli 😉

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