Thank God for Lady Gaga!

Thank God for Lady Gaga! She was one of the many performers at the AMAs last night and I gotta say, probably the only one that can sing live! I don’t know if it was the room, the sound system or just that these people can’t sing without a studio equalizing their voices… Rihanna sucked, Alicia Keys truly disappointed, even Timbaland and Nelly Furtado couldn’t step up… and let’s not even go there with Adam Lambert — WHAT was that!?

Thank God for Green Day & Eminem (never thought I’d say that about Eminem); they sounded good!! However, the performance of the night went to Lady Gaga. No idea what she was wearing or thinking with those dance moves, but it was good and entertaining! Check it out:

****Take note of a little fake something in the front of her lower area. I say kudos to her for making fun of herself and the little penis rumor that spread a few months about her.

Sulli 😉

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