Single Mom By Choice – Part 16: One month

One month... It's only 31 days of our lives tops, but boy, oh boy! It sounds and feels like it's an eternity when you are trying to get pregnant and month after month, you hear "maybe next month", "next month is the one", "by next month, all this will be behind you", "you'll be smiling next month",... Depending on your cycle, your next month comes sooner, or later, or irregularly - but what we all have in common is that we wish it were this month...

Single Mom By Choice – Part 12: Why?

I can see why women do this again and again... but I don't understand why I did... My last appointment saw me starring at the ultrasound showing 12 follicles. I've never had that many in the last year. I also never expected to spend over $20k on this project. What shall I do?

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