Single Mom By Choice – Part 14: Feeling GREAT!

How have you been doing? “GREAT”, I answer. Yet I feel that some people don’t believe me… I can understand why. If I take a step back and look at the crazy roller coaster ride that was the last year, it does boggle my mind that I got through it all. I don’t think I even realized myself, until now, how intense those hormones were, the havoc it created on my body and my mind, and the emotional toll those fertility issues brought on. I am used to smiling through everything and I have posted quite a few crying videos, so I get why some may doubt my “FEELING  GREAT” response!

Let me reassure you. Being off those hormones definitely helps with the GREAT feeling! Exercising in order to lose all the weight I gained this past year definitely helps with the GREAT feeling. Summer definitely helps with the GREAT feeling. Plus, Sarah and Matthew definitely helped with the GREAT feeling!

Who are Sarah and Matthew? Well, they are my embryo donors. That amazing family from Wales that picked me as recipient for their 7 remaining embryos!

“Oh ya! Where are you at with that Kim?”

Well, let me catch you up to speed!

March 8: we finalized the adoption agreement and signed the papers. However, it took a few months for the UK clinic to sign their consent forms and get the ball rolling. You’ll remember that that is when I chose to try two more rounds of in vitro with my own eggs.

May 18: I found out that my third and final IVF try had failed. It was a hard hit. I had to mourn the idea, once more, that my child would not be biologically mine. It’s easy to say “but that child, even if not biologically, will be YOURS” and I agree 100%. However, I’m so proud of my Inuit and Irish heritage, the mixture of the dark Watts hair and Sullivan blue eyes, the button nose, the dark skin as soon as it’s touched by hot sun… an adopted child will be mine and will be loved as intensely as if my own biologically, but I did have sadness that I wouldn’t see my dad in my child’s smile or my mom in its eyes and cheeks. That, I had to mourn.

It wasn’t too hard. Knowing me, you know how I love a great story – may it be a love story, a how you met story, a travel story… This is the ultimate life story and it’s such a beautiful one, it’s hard not to be excited about it. I feel great about what is happening and how I got here, but mostly about the adventure that is to come.

May 28: My clinic approved and satisfied all conditions  in order for the embryos to become mine. My doctor sent those forms to the UK clinic, along with the report showing that I met with a genetic counselor and understand the magnitude of this donation/adoption.

June 13: My donors signed release forms officially making me the recipient of the embryos. Woah! That means that I am now officially the mommy of 7 little embabies! I don’t think I fully grasp the magnitude of it all, as they are still in the U.K. and will only be shipped in July, but it’s exciting news and it’s making me feel great!

They are so cute, they even sent me a picture while signing the documents:

June 22: I met with my doctor for some final tests, including a biopsy, to make sure everything is good at my end. I will admit that I never wish a uterine biopsy on my worse enemy. I am extremely tolerant to pain – when people categorize a pain 8 out of 10, I usually feel a two! Not this time! The doc asked me to count until ten with him while he did the biopsy and I am happy he didn’t count “one Mississippi. Two Mississippi…” as I wouldn’t have made it to three… however, with a sore stomach, I left with the ok to move forward! So it’s official and it’s happening! It’s a great feeling!!

Shipment has been ordered and will officially be booked and paid for when we get closer to the date. How serendipitous that they will be arriving in Canada only a couple of days after my 40th birthday. The ultimate birthday gift. Last year, at my birthday, I announced to a table of friends that I was going to be a single mom by choice and that I had bought the sperm! This year, I can announce that I’ve officially adopted 7 embryos! I’m a mom to embabies, now I just have to hope and pray that the first two picked and transferred will choose my belly as their housing for the next 9 months!

See! I am feeling GREAT!

There is a lot to feel GREAT about! No reason to doubt me 😉

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