A tad too far?! I think so…

I have to admit that I have quite the twisted sense of humor and my friends might be surprised that I do not think this is funny… I guess I draw the line at insinuations of child molestation!

This commercial for Burlington France — an old sock company that is now resurfacing and, obviously, wanting to do it with a bang… their most recent ad mocks euthanasia, but it’s this one (first posted in October) that is now doing the rounds.

The ad shows a kid asking his mom to “suck him”… oops “SOCK him”….

Watch here: 

What do you think? Has the company has gone a tad too far? Or it is all in good fun?

Kim 😉

7 thoughts on “A tad too far?! I think so…

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  1. That is disgusting!! I totally agree with you. I can’t even think of ever wanting to purchase a pair of their sock.

  2. I agree, Maybe a tad to far. Child-molestation is not funny no matter the level, maybe they didn’t get the memo?

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