Men! No more need to hit the gym!

Men, it looks like you don’t need to hit the gym to get muscles anymore!


Just like us girls can wear padded bras to make ‘A’s look a tad bigger and fuller in that tight top, skinny men can now enhance their chest muscles with a padded t-shirt! I wonder if it’s as much a confidence booster as a padded bra is 😉

U.K.-based company created this to allow you men to now fit in with all the other fist-pumping brawny folk! How does it work? The top is meant to compress unsightly man boobs and reshape them into a more muscular-looking build.

The shirt is cheaper than a gym membership (it will cost you about 48$) and comes in grey, white and black.

It kind of looks weird just like that, but worn under a shirt — it actually works quite nicely! Check out this video:

Interesting. Would you try it? Would you like your guy to try it?

~Sulli 😉

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