Oh Lord! Underwear Line Filters Out Fart Smell!

What are they going to come up with next?!

After the popularity of PooPourri, it looks like there is a market for this kind of thing! Shreddies is a new underwear line that filters out your fart’s smell!


I gotta admit that it sounds like it the kind of underwear that can save you in stressful situations — like being stuck in an elevator full of people, in your first big interview, on a first date or at a wedding…

UK company Shreddies Ltd. came up with the perfect solution to help you avoid social embarrassment!  Shreddies come in a range of briefs and boxers that feature highly absorptive carbon cloth in the back panel of the underwear. The cloth is called Zorflex and is thin and flexible, and just so happens to be a cloth used in chemical warfare suits! So you know it’s good stuff! When you let one rip, the fabric traps and neutralizes the smell, and can be reactivated simply by washing the piece of fabric. SAVED!

Boxer briefs and support boxers for men are available starting at around $40, while briefs and high waisted briefs for women run around $30. Buy HERE!

Sulli 😉

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