George Michael’s Royal Wedding Gift

George Michael was not invited to the Royal Wedding, but has a wedding “gift” for Prince William and Kate Middleton — a cover of Stevie Wonder’s 1972 hit You And I.
You can see an interview with George Michael and hear the song HERE. It’s a free download on HIS website, but he is encouraging fans to make a contribution to William and Kate’s Charitable Gift Fund, which will share the proceeds among a number of good causes. What a GREAT idea!

Michael said the song took two days to record, and was his way of publicly expressing his happiness at the marriage. He added: “I want Will and Kate to know that this a genuine gift, not a promo exercise.” He also said that he was not “angling” for an invitation to the wedding, adding the couple should be “surrounded by people they love, not dodgy ex-con pop stars.” HAHAHA I love it!

Apparently he had heard that the song had the seal of approval from Buckingham Palace.

“I am absolutely sure Diana would have loved the whole thing. I really hope she would have loved this track. I have a feeling she would have done.”

I think giving back to charity in this manner is a fabulous thing! Plus, it’s quite the romantic song! Good on you George Michael!

Kim 😉

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