Eric Clapton’s house + recording for sale!?!

Eric Clapton sold his perfect bachelor pad in Venice Beach, California, to Steve Meadows in 2003. To Steve’s surprise, he found a tape recording made by Eric Clapton on his new home’s audio system!! 

“People told me he played his guitar here a lot,” Meadows said. “You hear him tuning up (on the tape) and he plays guitar for 12 to 14 minutes. It’s distinctive. I had never heard it before and it’s never been recorded, to my knowledge.”

Besides the sound system that he installed, Clapton left behind some furnishings and a 20-foot indoor palm that stay with the house.

Recently, Meadows listed the home for sale for $2.5 million. Bonus for the buyer: The tape stays with the house! How cool is that?!

As a further enticement, any amount paid for the house that exceeds the market price will be donated to relief efforts in Japan. I like this guy!

More cool facts about the house: It’s essentially a two-bedroom house with a spacious central 1,000-square-foot “gallery” that has six triangular skylights in its 26-foot ceilings. 2,850 square feet designed by Arata Isozaki, (the famous architect who designed LAs’ Museum of Contemporary Art) with original built-in furnishings by Getty Museum artisan Ronald Bennett! Neat!
Kim 😉

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