Is Chivalry Dead?!

A teacher in Arizona, Cord Ivanyi, was tired of seeing boys physically push aside girls as they rushed through the classroom door. So he set up a set of classroom rules on chivalry:
– boys would hold doors for girls;
– boys would ask girls if they would like to be seated;
– boys would offer to take girls’ backpacks before they sit down;
– boys would stand if a girl leaves the room;
– girls would be served first if food is in the classroom.
“It’s teaching them social grace. It’s things they should know when they do go out on dates.” All the students, boys and girls, were reportedly awkward about the mandated chivalry at first. But apparently, the girls are enjoying the chivalry and some chivalrous behavior is even extending beyond the classroom. Isn’t that just wonderful! You’d think all parents would be happy about this!
However, parents are torn on the issue… While some are extatic that their children are learning good manners and how to be considerate of other people, others think the idea behind chivalry is to treat women as if they are of a different status — which is, in their mind, old school and even sexist…
Kim 😉

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