Peter Gabriel up close and intimate!

I love this!
Check out Peter Gabriel up close and intimate in his place, on the piano, playing/singing to Tom Waits ” In the Neighbourhood”.

It’s for The Voice Project, a music based initiative to raise awareness as well as support for the war torn areas of Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan, Eastern Congo and CAR — all affected by the ongoing violence of Joseph Kony’s rebel army the LRA in Africa’s longest running conflict. 

Artists have been recording cover songs as links in musical chains that began with a small group of widows and rape survivors in Gulu, Uganda. The women there have been using songs to send messages of forgiveness to those abducted and forced to fight, many of whom escape but hide in the bush, afraid to return home because of reprisals for what they were made to do. 

I get shivers just thinking about it! Relisten to it once you know this back story… Beautiful.

Kim 😉

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