Would Rather Be Richer, Thinner, Smarter or Younger

What would you rather?? Richer, thinner, smarter or younger??
A poll surveyed just over 2,100 American adults and asked them whether they’d most want to be richer, thinner, smarter or younger. Not surprisingly, (it is the US after all–haha) 43% said they’d want to be richer. Of the other three choices, 21% said they’d choose thinner, 14% said smarter and 12% said younger (9%said they wouldn’t want to choose any of the options–ya right!).
Breaking out the results by gender, more men chose to be richer, 46% compared to 41% of women, while 29% of women said they’d want to be thinner, compared to just 14% of men. For the choice of younger, 16% of men chose that option, compared to 8% of women.
Kim 😉

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