I’m jumping off a roof!!

Ok... not really jumping, but rappelling!   On Monday, Sept 27th, I'll be helping Easter Seals raise money for children with disabilites by rappelling off the 18th floor of the Delta Ottawa Hotel & Suites on Queen Street!   The best part, I'll be dressed as a Super Hero!!   Any suggestions on what a... Continue Reading →


Even though bananas are the third most popular fruit in the world, many live in fear of them... it's called bananaphobia.   I'm not kidding!   It's unknown how many people actually suffer from bananaphobia, but symptoms range from gagging, hyperventilating and stomach sickness to actually tears and need to run away!   Basically, bananas... Continue Reading →

The Odd Couple

I have to say that I know I am the mushy type of girl. However, I think anyone would love this story and have a little tinge of love for this odd couple!   Check it out: Such a great story!   Kim 😉

Wine Vending Machines!

Now this is SMART!!!   Pennsylvania has introduced wine vending machines!!! Being a Frenchie, I love wine and I love this idea!   The machines work like this: A consumer has to swipe their state ID and a credit or debit card, then blow into a breathalyzer vent. If they're old enough, sober enough, and... Continue Reading →

Who wants Pop Tarts!?

I love it! I haven't had a Pop Tart in years, but I am definitely excited about this little bit of story! (Maybe not crazy-eyed excited like the lady in this photo, but still excited!).  Pop Tarts World has opened up in Times Square in New York City. The pop tart store will allow you... Continue Reading →

Miss Alphabet?!

A 22-year-old from England formerly known as plain old Ceejay Epton, has changed her name to Ceejay A Apple B Boat C Cat D Dog E Elephant F Flower G Goat H House I Igloo J Jellyfish K Kite L Lion M Monkey N Nurse O Octopus P Penguin Q Queen R Robot S Sun... Continue Reading →

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