Miss Alphabet?!

A 22-year-old from England formerly known as plain old Ceejay Epton, has changed her name to Ceejay A Apple B Boat C Cat D Dog E Elephant F Flower G Goat H House I Igloo J Jellyfish K Kite L Lion M Monkey N Nurse O Octopus P Penguin Q Queen R Robot S Sun T Tree U Umbrella V Violin W Whale X X-Ray Y Yo-Yo Z Zebra Terryn Feuji-Sharemi.

I’m not kidding…. to save both time and headaches, tabloids have dubbed her “Miss Alphabet”.  She  said she changed her name to help teach her newly born son the alphabet and “for a bit of a laugh.” We’re sure it won’t seem as funny when she has to break the news to her credit-card company or the health card and drivers liscence people!!!! 

This is SO RIDICULOUS!! Everybody knows A is for Alpha, B Bravo, C Charlie, D Delta, E Echo, F Foxtrot…. haha
Epton changed her name through The Legal Deed Poll Service, which charges £10 for moniker upgrades. It must be one of those internet services — it gained recognition in 2008, when a teenager named George Garratt legally became known as Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined. In an interview, Garratt said: “My family have begun to expect these sorts of things from me, and although my friends thought it was ridiculous most people do call me Captain and it’s been a great conversation starter.” No kidding!

If you were going to change your own name, what would you change it to?

Kim 😉

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