A crazy story out of Turkey…

A groom accidently killed 3 people at his own wedding!!!
Three relatives of the groom were accidently killed at his wedding when, in celebration, he fired into the air with an assault rifle!! Eight other people were wounded at the incident… isn’t that nuts!
Turks are notorious for breaking out into gunshots to celebrate weddings and sports victories–so it was no surprise when the groom pulled out an AK-47 rifle and unleashed a volley of rapid aerial shots to celebrate his nuptials. However, he quickly lost control of the weapon and accidentally raked the guests with bullets!! How horrible…
His father and two of his aunts died in hospital. To make matters worst, the groom was arrested…
That makes for quite the start of a forever after! I wonder if she can annul the nuptials citing that it was a “shotgun wedding”! haha Booo–not a good joke… sorry!
Kim 😉

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