Why is your teen so grumpy this summer?!

Have you noticed that your teenager is just a TAD moodier this summer?! If so, this might just be why:
Research has found that summer actually makes teenagers grumpy!! No kidding!! Apparently, the changes in seasons with the varying hours of daylight strongly affect the minds of teenagers…
By spending the summer evenings outside teenagers expose themselves to more sunlight and are less ready to go to sleep. So, researchers claim that teenagers find it so difficult to adjust to long summer evenings and lighter mornings (waking them up earlier) that it completely disrupts their sleeping pattern and leads to exhaustion!! We all know that a bad night sleep creates quite the grumpy bear!
Making it even worst — moodiness and fatigue over the warmer months can even result in weight gain. Not only are they grumpy, but they are now uncomfortable in their body, which might affect their school work and put them at a higher risk of obesity — both linked to sleep deprivation. A vicious circle I tell you!
Now you know!
Kim 😉

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