Wavin’ Flag Video

I saw this music video for the first time yesterday and I have to say that I now hear the song in a completely different manner–as I now know who sings what part!
It’s silly, but when you think of Avril or Hedley, you can imagine their personalities and how they are on stage. So seeing what part of Wavin’ Flag they sing, makes that part reflect their personality a bit… does that even make sense?? I don’t know… you tell me after you watch this:
I didn’t even realise Justin Beiber was in there! Do you hear the song in a different manner now??
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
Kim 😉

2 thoughts on “Wavin’ Flag Video

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  1. We never hear this multi-artists version on the radio in Montréal, it’s always the original one-artist version, K’naan is it?

    Et il y a Pierre Lapointe qui chante un bout en français dans cette version? J’avais aucune idée…

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