Paul’s Predictions are In!

The world has come to love Paul the psychic octopus! Can you believe that he has predicted RIGHT every single match Germany has played in the World Cup!?
If you didn’t hear about this amazing octopus yet, here is what you need to know. Paul lives in a tank at a Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany. Before each match, Paul is presented with two boxes, each marked with the flag of one of the teams playing the upcoming match and each contains food. Whichever box Paul eats from is predicted to be the team that will win.
So what are his predictions for the World Cup finals? Let’s watch:
First off, Uruguay vs Germany for the “bronze medal” game:
Now, THE BIG GAME!!!!! Who does Paul predict to win the ultimate title of World champions…. Spain vs Netherlands:
Yay! Spain! Let’s see if Paul will keep his clean winning record — the big games go down today and tomorrow at 2:30pm!
Kim 😉

2 thoughts on “Paul’s Predictions are In!

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  1. Well, all Spaniards will be watching with baited breath tomorrow, myself included!

    Would be nice to see someone else win the big prize for a change. The cream of the crop are in the final!

    As for Paul, well, he better be right… or we’ll turn him into tapas!!!

    Ed 🙂

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