The Rubik’s Cube is back!

Who never played with a Rubik’s Cube?! You know, that cube of individual coloured squares that became a cultural icon in the 1980s, selling more than 350 million units and sparking fans to write books about how to solve the cube and eventually leading to international competitions to see who could solve the cube the fastest!! Yes, that cube that you were never able to solve!!!

Well, Magmic Games –team of Ottawa video game designers located in the Byward market — has pumped new life into a cultural icon by bringing a Rubik’s Cube game to the iPhone, iPad or any touch screen-equipped BlackBerry device. Pretty cool!

The Rubiks’ Cube game works by having a player move their finger across the surface of their touch screen device, the motion moves the rows and columns on the cube. Players then rotate the rows and columns in order to solve the puzzle and make all of the coloured squares on the cube match.

To make the game a little more interesting, it was given the ability to be played in 3D!!! By selecting the 3D gameplay mode and wearing a pair of 70s-style red-and-blue plastic glasses (that you must buy yourself), the cube appears to float in mid-air over the screen. NOW THAT’S COOL!!

The game has only been on the market for a week, but is already in the top five best-selling puzzle games on iTunes. It’s also in the Top 100 most downloaded apps. You can get it for $2.99 on iTunes.

Maybe I’ll be able to digitally solve it!!! If not, the app also features the ability to use the game to help solve a real Rubiks’ Cube! You can use the camera to take a picture of a real Rubiks’ Cube and the game will you through the solution, move by move!!!! I will once and for all succeed at the Rubik’s Cube! Happy happy joy joy!!

Kim 😉

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