80s fan? This is for you!

Are you a big fan of the 80s??? I LOVE anything to do with the 80s, especially when I can justify it ’cause I’m admitting to loving it for a good cause!
Since moving to this beautiful city, I have fallen in love with the boat cruises that we can take up the Gatineau River. Well, this Monday, not only you can cruise along watching the beautiful Ottawa scenery go by, but you can do it among hundreds of others 80s fans wearing their 80s gear and listening to 80s music!
Tickets are 15$ — it includes a shuttle and donation to Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in support of Breast Cancer research… What a BODACIOUS deal!

Tickets available at:
Pub 101 (101 York St. in the Market)

It’s geared to 20s-30 year olds — I was in my fashion prime in the 80s, so I am sure I am ok! Sounds fun!
Kim 😉

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