Mmmmm Ed!

I admit it… I am hooked to the whole “The Bachelor” franchise!!! Therefore, I’ve been glued to the TV every Monday evening for the last little while, screaming at our Canadian girl Jillian to get rid of “I’m-using-you-for-my-career” Wes, get “I’m-not-too-good-at-expressing-my-feelings” Reid back on the show and to test the theory that a guy who can dance has rhythm in bed with break dancer Michael S!! LOL

Last night, for the finale, part of my screaming was heard by the bachelor Gods (or producers!) as Reid reappeared to finally express his love and propose to Jillian… of course, she said no! haha Oops sorry, I should not laugh… poor guy, Reid probably thought that if the producers allowed him to come back on the show to propose, it was because they knew Jillian would say yes… he really did not expect that no 😦

Even though I was rooting for Reid, I myself was in love with Ed (maybe I wanted him for myself and that is why I was rooting for Reid (is there a way to block my boyfriend from reading this!)). I am super happy for our little Canadian Goose! I hope that on tomorrow’s After The Final Rose special, we will find out that they are actually still in love! I really hope for a real relationship for these two — it would make the franchise of the show a bit more reliable! However, if it does not work out — Ed, I’m here for you! (again… how do I block my boyfriend from reading this!! hahaha)

Who was your favorite?! Who were you rooting for?? Do you think the producers just brought Reid on because it was too obvious that it was going to be Ed?!?!

Kim (heart) Ed!!

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