Would you???

Would you walk around with 60000$ on you?! Our Canadian Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, can now show off her stunning engagement ring designed by jeweler Neil Lane. It's a platinum ring set with a 2.05-carat pear-shaped center diamond with six baguette-cut diamonds to accent the center stone and 94 round-cut diamonds to give it a contemporary... Continue Reading →

Mmmmm Ed!

I admit it... I am hooked to the whole "The Bachelor" franchise!!! Therefore, I've been glued to the TV every Monday evening for the last little while, screaming at our Canadian girl Jillian to get rid of "I'm-using-you-for-my-career" Wes, get "I'm-not-too-good-at-expressing-my-feelings" Reid back on the show and to test the theory that a guy who... Continue Reading →

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