35 million joints!

That is the amount of joints you could do with the 12.4 tons of marijuana that was seized in the biggest drug bust of Middle East History (3rd biggest bust worldwide)!

Last Wednesday, a British Law Enforcement Ship notices a suspicious cargo vessel near Oman and decided to search it. It was in a secret compartment below deck that they found $70 million worth of pot!

The article says that the 12.4 tons of pot “were later destroyed”…

1) Really?! I’d check those Brit ships to see if they are sailing in a straight line!

2) How do you destroy 35 million joints?!

3) More importantly, how do you destroy 35 million joints without getting the whole destruction area/neighborhood high!?

Jokes aside, do you have a clue of how they would get rid of that amount?! I’m sincerely curious! Growing up in Sorel, where helicopters flew over the corn fields every summer in search of Hell’s Angel secret stashes, I always wondered that!!! lol

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