Now THIS is an entrance!!!

I’ve always wanted to have 1 original thing at my wedding, like a crazy break down and boogie first dance! Well, this week’s viral video on Youtube has just confirmed that desire and made me fall in love with Jill and Kevin! I have no idea who they are, but I want them as friends and at my wedding! lol

Check out how they started the best day of their life:

Many were offended that they would do such a thing in a church, some even said that such a lack of seriousness is the reason behind so many divorces! I understand the saintliness of the church and stuff, but COME ON! Loosen up!!! Maybe they needed a bit of a boogie at their wedding 😉

What do you think?! My reaction after watching this was that I now had to step up my game of originality for my future wedding! haha I still need the ring first, so I have a while to think about it!!!

Share your original wedding happenings!

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  1. I found this site after googling more info on this awesome video. I believe it captures the true spirit of the day. Not only am I NOT offended, but I believe it captures the true spirit of Jesus and the joy that he wants us all to share….very creative!

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