That’s MA PLACE!

Ohhhh the hell that is trying to find parking downtown Montreal! What with all the parking lots being transformed into condos, half of Maisonneuve’s parking area now a bike lane and all that street repair — finding parking downtown is sometimes a long, painful and dizzying experience!

A couple of entrepreneurs, Philippe Guévremont and Dominic Chartrand, are trying to change that and make parking downtown as easy as 1-2-3!!

1 — log on to;

2 — enter the “where and when” info of the potential parking spot;

3 — Press ENTER to reserve our spot in advance!!!!!!

This certainly beats endlessly circling the block in the hope of snagging a vacant chunk of asphalt!

All you need is a credit card and you can reserve a parking spot downtown up to a month in advance! Plus, drivers are then given a grace period of about an hour to get to their reserved parking spots. Reserved and no rush — LOVE IT!!!

I nominate these guys for a Nobel Prize!!!! hahaha Smart, smart men!

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